Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play soccer in CYSA?

Players must meet the minimum age requirements:
Fall season – 4 years old by July 31st to 18 years old
Spring season – 4 years old by January 1st to 18 years old

Residency requirements
Coppell residents are eligible or non-Coppell residents are eligible with release from home soccer association.
Non-resident Release Packet [PDF]

What are the boundaries of CYSA?

The territory under the jurisdiction of the CYSA is defined as being that part of Dallas County, Texas which lies within the boundaries of the Coppell Independent School District, or within the city limits of Coppell. Any player residing outside of these boundaries must complete the process of getting a release from their home soccer association before being allowed to participate in CYSA.
Non-resident Release Packet [PDF]

What if I’m not considered a Coppell resident?

Non-Coppell residents who do not attend CISD schools must get a release from their home soccer association. This is required each year of every child who does not reside within the city limits of Coppell or within the boundaries of CISD. Even if your child has never played soccer before, this release is required. The release process is required per NTSSA by-law 4.3. Each soccer association has its own requirements for releasing a player. This release is required in the fall for all players and for new players in the spring. Each player is ultimately responsible for obtaining the release before the player can be placed on a team.
Non-resident Release Packet [PDF]

Are players placed in divisions according to their school grade or their birth dates?

Players are placed in age groups according their birth date. See the current NTSSA Age Pure Chart to determine your child’s age division.

Modified U5
CYSA has a spring only division for children with a birth date between August 1 and December 31 prior to the start of the spring season. It is a one season only, co-ed division that plays 3v3 with no referees and with a roster maximum of 5 players. Teams are coached by player’s parents. Refer to CYSA Modified U5 Guidelines [PDF] for more information.

Playing Up
Players may request to play up one age division from their age appropriate division with a Special Request Form and approval from the Board.

What do I need to provide to CYSA to register my player?

All players must submit proof of age with either a state issued birth certificate or a passport when registering with CYSA for the first time. The document is due by the registration deadline of each season. Player’s whose proof of age has not been submitted will not be placed on teams. Documents may be faxed to 972/304-8791 with a cover page.

How many soccer seasons are there?

CYSA has two seasons:
Fall - season dates generally run from early September through early November with registration dates generally running from early May through early July (exact dates change each year).
Spring - season dates generally run from early February through early April with registration dates generally running from November through early January (exact dates change each year).

How can I register to play soccer?

Online registration is available each season. This registration method is usually open for several months prior to a published registration deadline. Payment is by credit card only for this registration method. Each registrant is responsible for reading all of the information and submitted all of the required documentation referred to in the online registration notes. For online registration availability see current season information [PDF]. A link will be posted on the home page when online registration is avalable.

Walk-In Registration sessions are usually offered immediately prior to the registration deadline. These sessions are usually published along with the registration information for that season on the CYSA website homepage. Current season information [PDF]

Registration forms are located on the website and may be printed and mailed in with a check or money order as payment, proof of age (if a new player) and release paperwork (for non-Coppell residents). Envelopes must be postmarked by the registration deadline or the player will be considered late and go into the Player Pool.

Can my child still play if I missed the registration deadline?

Players registering after the registration deadline are placed in a Player Pool. Players must complete the entire registration process of filling out a registration form, submitting proof of age, submitting the release if a non-resident and paying the registration fee by check. The check will not be processed until the player is placed on a team.

Player Pool players are placed on a first come, first served basis per age division. Players may stay in the Player Pool until roughly two weeks after the season start date. In the event a player cannot be placed that season, all documents on the player will be shredded.

What are the costs of playing soccer?

Registration Fees (for one season)
Coppell residents/reside in CISD boundaries= $80*
Non Coppell residents/do not reside in CISD boundaries** = $115*
* Other costs include uniforms and soccer equipment (see below).
** Refer to Releases for further registration documents required for non-residents.
There is a $25 fee charged for all NSF checks written to CYSA.

Financial Assistance
Players needing financial assistance with the registration fee should write or email the Executive Vice President at P.O. Box 354, Coppell, TX 75019 or with a written request. Approved individuals are asked to volunteer in exchange for the scholarship if possible.
CYSA Scholarship Contract [PDF]

Uniform Costs
U5 Age Division-The game jersey is provided by CYSA and given to the coach at the start of season. Parents will also need to purchase soccer shorts and soccer socks in colors decided upon by the team.

Modified U5 (Spring season only) Age Division–Same as U5 Age Division

U6 and older Age Divisions–The uniforms are determined by and ordered by each team individually. Entire uniform sets (jersey, shorts and socks) start at about $20 and work up in price according to the team’s or coach’s choice.

A player’s name should never be anywhere on the uniform for safety reasons.

Each player needs the following for every game and practice:


How do the players get put onto teams?

Players are assigned to teams based on a blind draft method using the player’s registration form. Players are not needed at the actual draft.

U5 through U8 players may utilize the Buddy Draft Request system. The required form for the Buddy Draft is available in the file cabinet outside the office during active registration or at walk-in registration sessions.

Special Requests allowed with Board approval include:

Special Request Forms are available in the file cabinet outside the office during active registration or at walk-in registration sessions.

Once my child is on a team, can we stay on that team or are the players reshuffled each season?

CYSA allows teams to stay together from season to season provided there is a head coach from within the team and returning players. Returning players are placed back onto their immediate past season roster before player pool players (any new player or player who has requested to go into the draft) are blindly drafted to the teams in the division.

Occasionally a team is disbanded because there is no head coach, too few returning players to the team or not enough players in the pool to keep the teams in the division at the desirable minimum roster level. Returning players of disbanded teams are automatically placed into the draft often without contact to parents. CYSA’s role is to provide soccer to players to the best of its ability and there is not always enough time or resources to contact each player in this situation.
Returning Players returning to their immediate past season team must register by the established registration deadline to be allowed back onto that team.

Coaches must submit and pass the annual criminal background check by the registration deadline date each fall. If a coach is new in the spring, the coach must register as a New Volunteer and pass a background check by the spring registration deadline date.

Players returning after sitting out a season are considered new and placed in the player pool (draft) appropriate for that player’s birth date. CYSA will still have the player’s proof of age from the original registration transaction.

Can I coach my child’s team?

CYSA, like most outdoor soccer associations, is a volunteer run organization. All teams are coached by a parent, aunt, uncle or friend of a player on the team. All volunteer coaches must pass a criminal background check before interacting with the players, are required to obtain a coaching license by the second season and are responsible for knowing CYSA’s Laws of the Game. See Coaches section »

Teaching tools CYSA has available to all coaches, assistant coaches and/or teams include:

What is the CYSA refund policy?

Registration Refund Requests
Refunds will be given provided the request is received in writing before the player is officially placed on a team. If a player is moving out of the CYSA boundaries, a refund will be allowed if the player informs CYSA in writing prior to the team’s first practice of the season. Refunds will be for the registration fee paid for the player minus a $20 administrative fee. Registration fees cannot be deferred to another season.

When will I hear from my child’s coach?

The coaches will contact the players usually within one week of roster distribution for that age division. Coaches will usually call players as soon as they have attended that season’s coach meeting, received the roster and drawn in the practice field lottery. Coaches also have access to player emails thru an online system after all the rosters have been distributed.

What days are practices?

Each coach sets the day and time of the practice thru a lottery at the coach meeting prior to contacting the rostered players. Be prepared for practice any day of the week. NOTE: Any conflicts with practice times or days should be resolved between the player and the coach of the team on which the player is rostered. There will be no trading or swapping of players between teams due to practice conflicts.

When are the games?

Each team will be scheduled for a total of 10 games each season. The majority of games will be played on Saturdays, but there will be between 2-4 weeknight games during each season. Makeup games are scheduled on Sundays after 1 pm first. If absolutely necessary, weeknight makeup games will be scheduled.

How do we get our team’s schedule each season?

U5, U6 and Modified U5 team schedules will show 10 games when published online. A mass email is sent out each season informing all CYSA members when the schedules are published. The publish date can be anywhere from 7-14 days before the first game day of the season.

U7 thru U10 team schedules will show 9 games when published online. The 10th game is the first round game of the CYSA End of Season Tournament. The tournament brackets are drawn and published roughly 2-3 weeks before the first game.

Each season concludes with an End of Season Tournament and includes all teams U7 thru U10. It is a single elimination tournament played four days straight, weather permitting. If there are enough teams, some age divisions will be randomly split into two divisions. In this case there will be two brackets and, therefore, two age division winners. There will be no play off between the two age division winners. A team may send a written request to opt out prior to the bracket draw date if the team does not want to participate in the End of Season Tournament.

U11 and above teams will have their team schedules provided by the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League (NMCSL). Their season usually mirrors that of the association, but may vary slightly some seasons. Check with the soccer office or the age group commissioner prior to a season’s registration deadline to see if that season’s dates are available. Schedules will be posted on the home page as soon as they become available.

Who officiates the games in CYSA?

Most referees that officiate CYSA’s games are the local youth of Coppell. Of the approximately 250 referees in the CYSA program, 95% are teenagers. They are big brothers or big sisters of CYSA players, they attend Coppell’s middle and high schools and they are your neighbors. These young teens are referees in training. Do not expect to have a perfect game called. Please respect these kids, support and aid them in the efforts to continue to be a better referee. Without them there would be many games without a referee. Do not approach them at the field for any clarification of any rule. Every coach, parent, spectator and player should take it upon themselves to know the rules. The referees are not there to educate you. Take up any questions you may have via email with your Commissioner. Remember that this is a recreational soccer game and not Youth World Cup. For more information visit the referee section »

Will my player get a trophy each season?

Each Modified U5, U5 and U6 will receive a participation medal at the end of each season. The medals are picked up the last official game day of the season and distributed by the coach. U7 through U10 division teams will be awarded placement trophies to the teams finishing 1st or 2nd in the End of Season Tournament each season. U11 and older teams will receive a placement trophy if they finish first or second in their NMCSL age division. Results are sent to CYSA at the end of the season. It can take 2-3 weeks after the season to order and receive the placement trophies for the U11 and older divisions.

How much will my child play in each game?

Each coach is required to play each player 50% of each game he/she attends provided that the player is willing to participate at that level. The child will not be forced to play by the coach.

Why does CYSA need my email address?

It is important that CYSA always have a reliable and updated email address(es) for each player. Mass emails are sent out with important information like:

When registering as a player or coach, be sure to include all email addresses. Changes to email addresses or any player/coach contact information should be sent to us with our secure mail form or call 972/304-0886.