Registration Procedures

CYSA will follow closely those procedures as outlined in the current NTSSA rules and regulations and those of the Association. In addition to the standard registration form for players, coaches, and volunteers, the following forms will be used in the registration process.

Registration for the Spring 2014 season will be open November 15, 2013 – January 8, 2014. Please select a player category below then choose between registering online or by mail. For walk-in registration, refer to our calendar or season information [PDF].

For Players

A. Player Registration (CLOSED)

Coach Registration

A. Returning coaches

B. New coaches

Refunds will be given provided the request is received in writing before the player is officially placed on a team. If a player is moving out of the CYSA boundaries, a refund will be allowed if the player informs CYSA in writing prior to the team’s first practice of the season. Refunds will be for the registration fee paid for the player minus a $20 administrative fee. Registration fees cannot be deferred to another season.

Returned Checks
The CYSA has a NSF returned check fee of $25.

Selection of Coaches
A. Anyone that wishes to be a head coach must complete the Head Coach Registration Form and the Criminal Background Check Authorization Form.

B. All head coaches must meet the minimum coach licensing requirements for the age group that they want to coach. (See the Training and Licensing Section, page 9, for minimum requirements.)

C. Assistant coaches may not be selected prior to teams being assigned. Once teams are assigned, the head coach may select a parent from his/her team to serve as an assistant coach.

D. Each age group commissioner will provide a list of returning coaches to the Vice President Commissioners and Executive Vice President/Registration Coordinator at least one week prior to registration. The Registration Coordinator will have this information at registration, and it will be used to publicize the need for new coaches.

E. Teams with returning players but without a returning head coach will be disbanded unless a new head coach is identified to CYSA by the team at least 48 hours prior to the draft.

F. New coaches are subject to Board approval.

G. If a person becomes the head coach of a new team formed by the Association in the current season, the coach may request their child be rostered to the new team he/she is coaching. In order for any person to request their child be transferred to a returning team they are coaching, they must have been the head coach of record of the team for the previous two outdoor playing seasons or have been asked to be the head coach of the returning team by a majority vote of the Association’s Board of Directors.

Selection of Players

A. All registered players in the CYSA are required to have a certified copy of their birth certificate or passport on file with the Association. Minimum age is 4 years old. All age classifications are assigned according to the player’s age on July 31 for fall and January 1 for spring season.

B. Players that played on a returning team may choose to play on the returning team, provided that they register in a timely manner, or to be assigned to a new team through the team formation process. If not returning to the original team, the player must complete a Special Request Form (available only in the soccer office) to be placed in the player pool.

C. Siblings that desire to play on the same team may do so if their ages qualify them for the age group. The oldest player will be placed in the draw and the team drawing this player will also receive the sibling. Younger children must complete Special Request Form (available only in the soccer office).

D. A player may play up into an older age group but must complete Special Request Form (available only in the soccer office). Certain conditions apply and must be approved by both age group commissioners involved. A player who plays up one season may move back into his regular age group the following season.

E. A player may not concurrently play in two age groups or on two teams.

F. Players transferring from another qualified member association will need to provide a release form at the time of registration.

Late Registering Players
Any player that submits a registration form after the published registration dates and times will be assigned to the player pool. If an opening becomes available he/she will be randomly assigned to a team as described in the recreational team formation procedures. Late registrants should visit the Soccer Office 972/304-0886 to complete the necessary paperwork.

Special Requests
Special requests will only be considered under the following circumstances:

A. A player may request to move up into a higher age category;

B. A player may request to play with a sibling in the same age category;

C. A player may request to be placed in the draft and not be drafted back on to the same (previous season) team;

D. A girl may request to play on a co-ed team.

E. U5-U8 Buddy Draft [PDF]

CYSA’s registration process and team formation will closely follow those as outlined in current NTSSA Rules and Regulations. Following the registration process, team formation for all age groups will basically consist of the following:

A. Best efforts will be made to change team rosters to established guidelines. The Board may change the maximum and minimum number of players on teams in each age group as established by NTSSA.

B. If a team remains together from season to season, then a player has the right to stay on the team. The Association will insure that all those rostered players have been contacted and given the opportunity to remain on that team. This will be done by either CYSA registration process or commissioner communication.

C. New teams and returning teams needing players will be formed as follows:

1. Players will be placed in a designated player pool according to age group and gender.

2. Players will be assigned either to a newly created team or an existing team by a “blind” random draw process. The blind random draw will be conducted in accordance with the following general guidelines:

3. The blind random draw proceedings will be conducted as follows:

D. If a team needs a new head coach, potential head coaches will be assigned to teams through a blind draw. Note: Head coaches moving from one established team to another, without the blind draw process, may not have their child transfer to the “new” team for one year (two seasons).

If you have any further questions regarding registration please contact our office.